The Law Firm



What you can expect from us


Our primary tasks are legal advice, support and representation in all areas of commercial law. You face business situations, which require legal support. We elaborate profound solutions that benefit your enterprise.

As much balance of interests as possible and as much conflict as required. This is our maxim, which we live consequently in the interests of our clients. 

We are forceful advocates driven by the idea to maximize the commercial interests of our clients, to seek workable solutions for all parties involved and the avoid unnecessary disputes. 

As a matter of principle, we demand the highest standards from our work. We are not satisfied with ready-made solutions; moreover we always go the ‘extra mile’ for our client and quest for tailor-made solutions which suit the interests of our clients.




External Legal Department

You are a small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME). Your organisation does not avail of an in-house legal department. Nevertheless, you are, from time to time, confronted with legal affairs, which require a flawless solution.

We support and advice you, when you require legal support. Our expertise covers all areas of commercial law. In order to provide tailor-made solutions, we aim to know your business and your products as good as possible.


Mergers & Acquisitions / Transactions

You plan to buy or sell an enterprise; or to hand your business over within your family. In such scenarios, we can support you in all matters of structuring, negotiations and financing. We are target driven and stand by your side and with total commitment, to your availability 24/7, in order to get the deal through. Our thorough knowledge of legal English and expertise in the international context make us first choice for international transactions in the SME sector.



Banking & Finance

You require legal expertise in the areas of banking, finance or capital markets law. Whether you are a market participant, or a credit or financial institution; we are advice in the context of private and public offerings of bonds, profit participating loans and alternative financial instruments. In this context, we have long-term experience in the areas of green and ethical investments. Our clients also include non-profit microcredit organisations. Furthermore, we support you in drawing up security or investment prospectuses. We advise credit and financial institutions in matters of banking supervisory law.



Tax Structuring

You want to tax-optimize your business structure; possibly also on an international level. Together with your tax consultant, we help you in order to find and create that structure that fits the interests of your business. 



IT and Technology


You are in the IT/Tech industry. You are faced with all different sorts of international contracts and have to be in a steady saddle as far as data protection regulations are concerned. You are intrigued by Blockchain and crypto-currencies; while remaining sceptical in the same time.

Our task is to provide legal certainty in matters of IT and Tech law and to secure you from any threats, which may arise on a legal level. As permanent counsel of various IT and Tech companies, we are wearily familiar with all matters of IT law.




Corporate law and M&A

  • company foundation

  • structuring a company’s foundational documents

  • structuring and handling of business transactions

  • joint ventures

  • shareholder agreements

  • acquisition finance

  • business reorganisations (mergers, divisions, combinations, contributions of undertakings)

  • disputes between shareholders or between a company and its shareholders


International contract law

  • structuring of tailor-made and complex international business contracts

  • drawing up general terms and conditions, agency agreements and transfer pricing documentation for your corporate group



Banking, Finance & Capital Markets

  • structuring of financial products and financial instruments, including (without limitation) SME finance and mezzanine capital instruments, profit participating loans, convertible loans and hybrid instruments

  • advice in banking supervisory law

  • drawing up of capital market prospectuses

  • microcredits

  • green and ethical investments

  • cryptocurrency and blockchain



Dispute Resolution and Litigation

  • dispute resolution in court and out-of-court

  • arbitration

  • appeal procedures

  • defending counsel in commercial criminal matters



IT law

  • structuring license, maintenance and support agreements

  • supporting the management of software projects

  • GDPR compliance



Business Law

  • advice and support of businesses and individuals in the area of contract law (sale agreements, transfer contracts, wills and testaments)

  • advice in the areas of warranty rights and damages

  • consumer protection law and liability law

  • insurance contract law 

  • succession planning and inheritance law

  • asset protection



Tax Law

  • structuring and design of company reorganisations

  • international tax planning

  • transfer pricing documentation

  • tax litigation